And we’re off…

Well, every journey has a first step.  For me, this is it.

Welcome to Mid Life Coolness.   I just registered the domain, and here goes!

I’m 42 and not long ago I realised that I am in fact “mid-life”.  This time – it’s common for men to buy a sports car, undergo surgery to put hair back on your head and suddenly validate dwindling virility by attempting to woo women who are too young to know what a floppy disc is.

So, this website, blog and eventually a daily vlog isn’t about a midlife crisis – it’s about coolness, the opposite of a crisis.  I’m not a crisis kind of guy, I always try and see the positive.  So, I figured, as I don’t crisis – I’d aim for cool.

At the moment, I’m very happy with who is in my life.  I have a wonderful wife, 3 fantastic kids and I love my job.  So what’s the problem?   Life is short, you only get one throw of the dice and hitting middle age has made me take stock, consider what I want life to be as opposed letting situations dictate the outcome.  I’ll say it, the classic midlife crisis phrase… “There must be more to life, and to enable more you have to want it, plan it and achieve”.

That’s easy to say… harder to do – but I’ve become big on lists and idea maps and this blog with almost certainly be awash with those.   Lists & idea maps are an excellent way to plan, prioritise and visualise a route around a challenge.  So, this is the planning phase.

Oh! I need to do a phase list – but first I’m concentrating on big picture stuff.  Things I want to do differently in life.  Things that I can aim for that will effect a change.

  1.  Health:  It’s fair to say that I am currently over weight.  This not only effects my ability to do certain things that I want to achieve but it will start to effect my health.  It hasn’t yet as I think I’m just teetering on the edge of a healthy lifestyle.  The main excuse I use for my weight is work.  It stops me from exercising.  That is bull.  I know it is, and I am prioritising sorting that out.
  2. Wealth:  We don’t use the money we make as well as we could, so I want to get advice on my financial situation.  This will be the subject of many entries – as my financial situation is slightly more complicated than most.  The aim though is to become less reliant on conventional income streams and generate passive income which will also enable a less tethered existence.  I like the idea of being able to earn the money we need to live.  At the moment, my work life balance is well and truly favouring work.  That has to change.
  3. Travel:  I grew up travelling the world.  I want to be able to give my family that experience too.  I want to make memories and experience cultures that widen my families view on the world.

I think that’s enough on this list for tonight.  It’s a top 3 – and those are certainly them.  If I can aim to start those first, I think that’s a good start.

I am currently sitting in a budget hotel in Glasgow on a work trip.  Further reason I really need to address number 2!  Glasgow is a great city, but damn, budget hotels really can be soul destroying.  However, this room, this hotel will forever be where this blog started.

I’ll try and do something every day that is motivated by one of these 3 goals.  From that, more lists!  A diet is probably an easy first step.


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