Accountability, achievements and rain

Well, it’s Wednesday and my final night in Glasgow for a couple of weeks and it’s raining.  Last night was my first attempt to set some goals.  One of which was to watch, or start a seminar in achieving goals.  I’m aware this risks an inception like moment where everything fold in on itself, but hey, let’s live life on the edge.  Goal, learn about goals.

So I found, and this not a paid or sponsorship deal.  No one is reading this blog at the moment anyway – I just want to keep a record of what I find, how useful it was to me and if it’s worth considering paid options for finding help and advice in this new world of life coaching.

Project Life Mastery  is the site, and I found it via YouTube.  The free course offered is 7 types of income generation online, so that’s of interest and a goal of mine.  Another goal of mine for the week is to watch a web course, so that’s ticked off the goal list.

The charismatic host also talked about the situation you find yourself in attempting to achieve a goal.  Reaching a plateau and giving up.  This is me, it’s probably a lot of people.  It must be, because he mentions it.  The energy of the honeymoon period of a project is my favourite.  In all seriousness, I have a problem with plateaus.

He also discussed in a another video, where he is having a live chat with his subscribers – he talks about accountability, meaning that you put yourself out there as an inspiration to continue.  That’s something I’ve done in the past and it does work.

I went on to watch some of his other free videos – focusing on the blogging, vlogging and pod-casting as a business.  Some very interesting ideas about marketing, SEO and audience conversion, including tips about how much content to create to build an audience.

I’m now thinking of my goals in a slightly different way.  Mind, Body and Income streams and at the moment, I’m excited to be learning about what I can do to revitalise all three.  The temptation is to concentrate on just one section – and for the past 20 years, I’ve just be concentrating on INCOME.  I’ve neglected the mind and body – and as I take the first faltering steps into this new sphere, I neglected the most important aspects.  That is my motivation – to enable me to fine tune all three.

So, might an online course or seminar be a useful tool?  Sure – it might be, but I need to keep laying down the foundations to build on bigger ideas and concepts.  I really am starting at the beginning here.

Right – I’ve got to pack.  Flight tomorrow night after a busy day at work.  The flight from Glasgow is usually delayed so I’ll definately have some time to read and listen to more stuff tomorrow, and focus on achieving the other goals I set myself on Monday.



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