Time waits for no man.  Especially in a suit.

I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight.  I sit opposite a guy in suit.  He’s on his phone, he’s talking about an important meeting.  He’s off to Frankfurt.  His gate was just called and off he goes.  I don’t know what he does, but he’s doing it. His time is precious.

After watching the seminars and listening to several podcasts – the point that made the most impact on me was that I sell my time.  My time is limited to a singular purchase.  The movers and shakers find ways to find a way of making money and replicating it.  Over and over.  Same time, bigger results.

I know, I know – this is the basis of most business.  Having just had a Starbucks coffee and sandwich I should have realised this sooner in life.  Sadly though, I’ve been a video guy up until this late emergence.  At least it’s happening.  It’s only taken 42 years.

Don’t get me wrong – I get paid well, but I don’t work smart.  A 10 hour day earns me the same as a 8 – 12 or 16 hour day.  That’s not business, that’s stupid.

Now, think if my experience, my worth, my marketability was a video that when played it generated income.  It’s working all the time for a singular expenditure of effort and that product (or video) is repeatable. That’s it.  I get it.  I want it.  Goal determined!

Right – 20 minutes and my gate is up.  Time to listen to some more stuff, inspired.


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