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Weight Watchers? There’s an app for that!

Looking through my weekly goals today, I’ve checked a couple off but the idea of formulating a diet plan was a tad daunting.  My current job means that I work from 9am to 6pm most days and the nature of my work often means I cannot easily just leave work at a set time.  Achieving a better work/life balance is yet another goal – but at the moment I have to work within the situation.  Up to now I’ve used circumstances as an excuse not to try doing stuff – and joining a weight loss programme was a big one.

Today I joined Weight Watchers Online for less than £5 a month.  Sign up was easy – I paid with PayPal and downloaded the WW app on my phone.  I created a username, uploaded a photo and entered in my body and current weight stats.  I’m 19 stone 1lb.  I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall and I’m a man.  When I got married 17 years ago – I was 16 stone 9lb.  I felt more comfortable at that weight – so I set it as my target.


I hopped from the laptop to the app and both updated each other as you would expect.  Options for syncing with fitness tracking devices from all the big brands are there too.  I don’t own a working fitness tracker as last year my Fitbit passed away due to water ingress during a shower.  I might think about getting another one – maybe not a FitBit though.  Without a tracker, you can enter the activity manually, but where’s the fun in that! 🙂

The App is well put together and I’ve logged what I’ve eaten today and I’m getting my head around the point system.  You can scan bar codes and the food database is massive with many of the items I eat daily.

Another big thing is the community integration.  It’s a social media styled system which allows members to share their experience and receive praise and advice.  After I set my account up, I went on and posted a quick hello and a little background as to why I was joining.  Within minutes I had several lovely comments spurring me on.  A lovely start.

So, I’m counting tomorrow as day 1 and I’m very pleased that Weight Watchers is available online without being tied into attending meetings.  So, I’ll follow the App’s suggestions, track my food, exercise and interact with the lovely gang who post, advise and inspire.

Sharing the experience with its highs and lows online [as I outlined in this post] is important to me.  If I know people are along for the ride, it adds to the journey and inspires me to keep going.  It’s also fun to share information, top tips and meet new people!

So, off we go!



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