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Why did I buy another FitBit?

A couple of years ago – I bought a FitBit and killed it dead within a couple of weeks.  

Many wouldn’t consider buying another one but I’m easily persuaded by shiny new promises of features and abilities – and as an early adopter I’ve had this kind of thing happen before.  Before it did die – I found the FitBit very handy until it died.  It was also kinda my fault as I got it wet.  The FITBIT CHARGE is not WATERPROOF.  I know that now.

Today, I found myself in an Argos and picked up a Charge 2 for £109.  I also got a discounted charging cable as a bundle.  Handy as I do go away on business a fair bit and having two cables  just means I don’t have to upset my bedside charging setup or lose a cable and have an excuse.

"I cant exercise as my tracker is flat."

I bought a FitBit Charge 2.  The price was it’s main selling point along with a heart rate monitor.  Up until now I’ve been using a tracker on my phone.  A paid app called pedometer++ did a good job but lacked the ability to measure heart rate and, it’s a phone, so hopefully not in contact with your body all day.


The Charge 2 – It is quite small, light and is water resistant which means rain and sweat proof.   Not dunking.  I will not be swimming or showering in it.  I know that now.  It also collects GPS data from your phone – so that’s okay.   The more expensive and slightly bigger Surge has built in GPS.

Setting up and pairing the App to the device was super easy and quick.  Standard device pairing routine then a quick questionnaire about my age, height and weight.  It also checks to see what wrist you are planning to wear it on, and if you are right or left handed.  I set up a new account and it all got going.  The time and date were correct, as was the syncing process to the online account details.  After a quick charge and an update… it was ready to go!

So it does a lot but what it also does is inspire me to get out there and walk and get the heart pumping.  In just a few hours of use, I’ve been on a walk and it has reported distance, exercise type (walking) and heart rate.  The biggie is that it communicates with Weight Watchers app and gives me shiny new Fit-points.  After a 60 minute walk I gained 17.



In the WW App you can configure it to offset Fit-points with your food points but so far my 17 Fit Points are intact! 🙂  This function to transfer your hard earned exercise points to edible ones is hidden away in a menu somewhere.  At the time of writing, I have not looked for this function.  I ate dinner 6 hours ago and I’m hungry.  So, that’s something! 🙂

Anyway in summary – I know I didn’t NEED a fitbit to get out and go for a walk, track my sleep, monitor my heart rate while at rest, calculate the total amount of steps I walked over a day, month or year – but it does help.   Integration with Weight Watchers is also a big thing as I said earlier.  Seeing it on my phone makes me feel like I’m achieving something.


Now, moving forward with this.  This hour of walking was easily achieved at the weekend.  How do I ensure that an hour is possible during a busy working week?  My next step is to work on a morning ritual.  A schedule for my first 2 hours of the day.  That is entirely alien to me, but many successful people that I have been researching over the last week do it.  If it works for them, then hopefully it will work for me.


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