Week 1 – Goal Report


Last week, I set out a few initial goals for the week.  The idea is to make more as I go and build on them.  Here’s a quick update on how it’s going.

  • By next Monday, I will walk 10 miles. ACHIEVED!

My pedometer ++ App reports that over the last week I have walked 15 miles, and if today’s FitBit report is anything to go by – I will aim for 20 miles next week (3 miles a day).

Pedometer++ 17Sept2017

  • I will have found a nutritionist (I will also learn how to spell it).
  • I will have started a diet plan. ACHIEVED!

I’m lumping these together this week as I have joined Weight Watchers and this is both a diet plan and aids nutrition.  I realise that a nutritionist will be able to tailor make an eating plan, but research has shown that this will cost more than a FitBit tracker and a Weight Watchers subscription and in my first week I think this is enough to be dealing with and something that I can work on once I have reduced calories and upped the amount of exercise.  Despite being on the WW diet for only 3 days I appear to have lost 7lbs!  My official weigh in date is on Friday mornings.

  • I will found a way to monitor my spending.  ACHIEVED!

I have a Monzo card now and that is enabling me to monitor my spending.

Monzo Card
Note: This isn’t my card, it’s a generic photo – but it is that colour!
  • I will have created a detailed and lengthy list of goals.  ACHIEVED!

I have been formulating additional goals.  I have written a list but have not published them.  I will in due course.  Tomorrow, I will publish some of them within my WEEK 2 GOALS.

  • I will have completed one online free course about setting life goals. ACHIEVED!

I have watched a series of free seminar videos from Project Life Mastery.  I have also watched many additional YouTube seminars about life goals.  I am still undecided as to whether a paid course or life coach is a good investment.  More investigation is required.

  • I will have completed one online free course about online commerce. ACHIEVED!

I have watched an online seminar (again from Project Life Mastery) and a podcast about selling on Amazon.  I haven’t yet decided to which seminar to pay for yet.  Further research is required.

So…  One week has passed.

I’m very happy with the results of the week.  Having goals to tick off a weekly list is an effective tool to getting things done.  For many who have done this before, even casually might be like “Duh”, but that’s why I’m doing this – to get back up to speed with being an effective human.  I’ll keep it up.  Adding goals and tasks as I go.  Some, I suspect, will migrate to the “ritual” category as I adopt them into my working week.  Tomorrow I start a morning ritual.  Get up at 6am and go for an hour walk.  Back for 7am – breakfast and then work.  I’ll document this first week of this ritual.

My wife doesn’t think I’ll manage it.  I like sleeping in.  She’s got a point!

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