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I’ve lost 14 pounds?!

So this was the weekend.  It’s now Sunday – I’ve just weighed in and it’s good news!


Friday morning, kids at school.  We went in to a local town and had breakfast in a cafe.  Porridge with Honey and a black coffee.  The whole place smelled like bacon.  I resisted.

I also got a new whiteboard for scheduling and planning out the week.  This will include goals, exercise and weight loss before and after totals.  I’m weighing in on Monday mornings.  The whiteboard is still in the hall.  I need to wall mount it, which in this house requires a big drill, raw plugs and swearing.


I also had two of my TV producer friends agree to read the first version of my Dad’s book.  Also, a publisher replied and asked to read it.  No guarantee’s, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Saturday we dropped the eldest off at Air Cadets for training for his Duke of Edinburgh bronze award.  We then had a mosey around Wiltshire, first Malmesbury in the southern Cotswold’s – which was nice.  By chance I met an independent publisher and I took her card.  I mentioned the website about the book and she said it was a good idea.


Then we moved on to the rather splendid Bradford on Avon.  A lovely place to walk about.  I definitely will be going back here.  It’s a beautiful place we spotted when travelling back from our summer holidays in August.  Roman origins, but a town built around the wool industry.  Now, it’s full of trendy cafe’s and loads of charity shops, book stores.  It’s lovely.


I also started editing my weekly vlog today – which will go live in 2 weeks time.  I also edited a bunch of photos of my Dad, mostly cropping, rotating and colour correcting.

Sunday is a slow day, as it should be.  Lunch was cooked for me.  I washed up, and now I’m sitting writing this.  Off to Yate this afternoon to pick the boy up, so it will be just casual today.

I’m also happy to report, based on my Weight Watchers bathroom scales I’m now 19st 4lb or there about’s.  The scales seemed to go slightly up and down when I stepped on, but 19st 4lb was the most recurring figure and not the lowest offered up.  Based on my starting weight of 20st 4lb – I’ve lost a stone in a week – or there about’s.  An amazing result!

Tomorrow (Monday) will see me returning to my 6am starts with an hour of exercise in the morning.  I’m also signing up with the doctors tomorrow, another goal on the list, and will request a nutritionist consultation.  My Mum who successfully beat type 2 diabetes with diet told me that the NHS are keep to sign as many people up to this as possible due to government initiatives about obesity.  At 19st 4lb I’m still officially classed as obese.

I’ve also just googled “I lost a 14lb in a week” and according to some, this isn’t healthy.  It also said that I might have lost bone, organs! Oh and water.  Well, I don’t really agree with that.  What I’ve eaten this week isn’t a starvation diet.  It isn’t a fast.  All I’ve done is monitor my input, increase output and logged the results, and I’ve been drinking water more that ever before as I’ve cut out smoothies, fruit juices and Coke!

I don’t expect to lose this amount a week for the duration of this diet either.  As the weight decreases I wan’t to be able to increase exercise, build muscle and focus on nutrition.  Feeling good.


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