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My bags are packed…

This week has been a bit of a blur but it’s Sunday night and tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 3:45am to fly to Glasgow to finish off a science series on looking good.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were focused on getting a structure to the day, but being off I must admit that sticking to the routine of early walks was difficult for me.  I don’t get on with early nights or early mornings.  It’s not the walking, it’s just the getting out of bed when I know I don’t “need” to.   We did make up for it by exploring the area and generally walking about.

We went to Cirencester and found a lovely disused canal hidden away in the Cotswolds.  A coffee was had.  It also came with a one of this amazing bisquits – the brown ones.   Didn’t eat it.  Being strong willed is a rewarding experience, but it’s hard sometimes.


You hear it all the time, people who have health scares transform their life with a diet change, exercise regime and pace of life.  I’m not saying that this is required for me to get out of bed before 7:40am – but if I don’t sort my shit out soon…  I really need to do this.

Thursday and Friday saw a couple of days working  at the BBC.  Again, I didn’t get up to walk, just the normal workday schedule.  Disappointed feelings about that.

Saturday and Sunday were kids orientated as my wife was away for the weekend.  The exercise was fine though as we walked nearly 7 miles around an open day at a local airfield.  It was great fun.  I wasn’t at all temped by the donuts, sweet stalls or hamburger vans.  This was largely because most food cost £23,000 per portion and queues were astronomical.

We did the sensible thing and took a meal deal from a supermarket (£3.00) … a main, snack and drink.  As it was the weekend, I chose a sandwich for speed and ease of eating on the hoof.  When I scanned it in, Ham, cheese and Mayo on wholemeal bread.  14 Weight Watchers points!  Holy hell.  It’s no shock, now that I’m logging all food, that I’ve put on weight!  Every day I had that very lunch except with the added calorific punch of a full fat Coke and Crisps, mainly Doritos!  That must have been 30 points easy.  At my height and weight, that’s more than half of my daily allowance.

While at the airfield I got chatting with someone who runs a flight school.  Something to consider if I’m trying to see what my Dad’s experiences entailed.  Bizarrely she used to work for the same company I did years ago.  We have several mutual friends but she managed to dig a tunnel out of TV and now runs a flight school!  It’s a small world.

So, as I await my 3:45am alarm call, I do take some comfort in the fact that I really stuck to my diet plan.  I’ve lost another 4lbs – that’s a grand total of 18 pounds so far in just 3 weeks.  This week in Glasgow will surely mean a few late nights at work, but I’m sure I will have some time in the week to attack the to do list and get a few more things ticked off.  I’ll also endeavour to get into a morning routine.  Watch this space!  It will happen.

Right, a bit of sitting down and then sleep for a short while anyway!



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