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Welcome to the 5am club?

"It's mind over mattress!"

Unlike fight club, people do talk about 5 a.m club. They talk a lot about it on YouTube, Twitter and in the many seminars I’ve been watching.

Do these magical hours between 5am and work time hold the secret to success, wealth and fitness? A lot of people think they do. This for me is day one as part of this exclusive club of mind over mattress. It’s 5:42. It’s dark, I’ve done some exercises and I am about to shower.

Oh, and I’ve written this… and this.  Wow.  It’s early.  I guess that novelty will wear off.  I’ve just seen the full moon set.  The sun is starting to rise.  The sky is turning gradually more blue.  The birds are awake now.  Traffic.  Noise starts.  Glasgow is awake beneath my 8th floor window.

Right.  Fast forward to the end of the day and I’m impressed.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I got stuff done, and I didn’t feel more tired or “jet lagged” throughout the day.  I did mention my new “ritual” to someone at work today and they said “why?”.  Well, today wasn’t about the WHY, it was about the WHEN and today was the first day.  Tomorrow’s 5am will be much more productive.  Tonight I’m thinking making a list of what I need to achieve in those 3 quiet hours before the sun wakes up for the day.

This week away from home has been a complete success in terms of diet and exercise – aided by the walk to and from work – some 3.4 miles a day really helps keep my FitBit happy and quiet.  The notifications do help, but not when you have a crushing deadline that has to be finished by 6pm before our boss in London leaves the office.

Anyhoo.  Tomorrow morning’s list is as follows:

  1. Wake up – 5.am. – done
  2. Exercise for 20 minutes – done
  3. shower – done
  4. Coffee – done
  5. Work on website for 1 hour – done
  6. Write 1st draft script for MLC YouTube trailer – done
  7. Get bags airport ready – done
  8. Check out of hotel – done
  9. Walk to work (1.2 miles) – with suitcase! – done, but it hurt!

That should take me up to 9am easily.  That’s the plan.

Thanks for reading and subscribing – and I’ll keep you posted with how it all goes.  Getting some good video content together, and the first video and the trailer will hit the channel soon.

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